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The Hollidaysburg Community Partnership will attract and retain merchants, residents and tourists by capitalizing on Hollidaysburg’s many, varied existing businesses, its status as the seat of Blair County, its commitment to historic preservation and rehabilitation, its outdoor recreation and entertainment amenities, its proximity to numerous colleges and universities, its location in the midst of major transportation routes, and its overall economic potential as a desirable address to do business.  The Hollidaysburg Community Partnership will support this effort with a strong, volunteer-driven organization that coordinates communication among various organizations and businesses and has a constant presence in the community through events, streetscape improvement projects and business retention and recruitment programs.



Hollidaysburg is a vibrant, safe and welcoming community where natural beauty surrounds man-made enterprise; where a diverse mix of successful family–owned shops, restaurants and professional services, growing new business ventures and nationally-known companies are good neighbors to committed, hardworking families; and where pride in our history, heritage and culture influences our ever-growing future.


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